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Our goal is to create synergy between social entrepreneurs, educators and social impact actors working in the field of social innovation to achieve systems level impact. Our values include empowering others, respect and integrity for those we serve, and encouraging collaboration with partners.

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Catalyst 2030 is a global movement of social entrepreneurs and social innovators from all sectors who share the common goal of creating innovative, people-centric approaches to attain the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Enabling Technology Capability and Services for NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs

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Social entrepreneurship is indeed a challenging endeavor, fortunately there are different services available to help organisations boost their impact by streamlining internal tasks. The purpose of this document is to facilitate the access to these resources, providing a useful guide for social entrepreneurs to deliver cost-friendly or even free resources that contribute to organisational growth and development. Here you will find a brief description of different services and offers that are available for social ventures , that will link your organisation to excellent license deals and opportunities according to your location. By leveraging these resources, social innovators can maximise their organisations impact for social change. As part of Catalyst 2030, our members generously offer a number of low cost or free resources to other Catalyst members, nonprofit organisations and/or social ventures. To facilitate this access, we curated a list of the resources that are available to members. We encourage you to explore the resources available and share with your network. Share your Resources If you have the chance to provide free or low cost services to members, please let us know and we will be delighted to highlight them in the document. By coming together, we can collaboratively create positive impact and make a contribution to other social ventures. Together, social entrepreneurs and innovators can bring about meaningful change and work towards a bright, more sustainable future for all.

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