Groups will be available soon.

With additional funding we will be able to develop and refine the functionality of groups. Underneath, you can see a preview about what we are working on.

perfect for classes And Workshops.

Discover Groups.

Share the files you like in a group with colleagues or students.
Create class modules, readings, or folders.
Protect your group with a password.

Creating a group is easy...

Create a New Group

Go to the group page and create a new group. We will create a unique link to share with colleagues and students.

Add Sections

Go to newly created group and add sections, modules, or topic blocks by clicking the button "Add Section".

Add Files

In the different topic pages, select the files you like and click 'Add' to open a window to add the file to a section in your group.

Share your group.

Share the unique link on top of your group. If your group is password protected, you can share the password.

Public Groups

Social Entrepreneurship: Be the Change ENTR315/HON340

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